Should the creations of Duel street fashion become real Street Fighter 5 costumes?



No, you can’t choose Bison three times

In many other cases, most of the fighting game community would probably quickly view Street Fighter: Duel as just another mobile game, but its special artwork certainly caught our attention.

These trendy and unique street fashion designs for world warriors have received a lot of praise from fans, but which would make good costumes in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition?

I will do my best not to include personal biases to influence votes and opinions, so let’s talk about their functionality in a fighting game.

Something like Vega’s long coat or Blanka’s tank top would be fairly straightforward to implement although there might be a bit of a problem for Dhalsim with a sleeve covering one of his arms and lower body.

Cammy’s outfit is also quite different from what she normally wears – it looks like she’s wearing Alex’s overalls and a puffer jacket – so it would definitely be a sight to see on the move.

If Street Fighter 5 added as a three-pack of these designs for Duel, which ones would you like to see / use the most? You can have a little fun and vote with us in the poll below.

Street Fighter Duel art image # 1

Street Fighter Duel art image # 2

Street Fighter Duel art image # 3

Street Fighter Duel art image # 4

Street Fighter Duel art image # 5

Street Fighter Duel art image # 6

Street Fighter Duel art image # 7

Street Fighter Duel art image # 8

Street Fighter Duel art image # 9

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Which Street Fighter: Duel designs should be costumes in Street Fighter 5?

1. The crime boss Mr. Bison: 163 votes / 19.7%
2. Alex Cammy overalls: 104 votes / 12.6%
3. Sakura puffy coat: 93 votes / 11.3%
4. Chun-Li fuzzy jacket : 87 votes / 10.5%
5. Vega open coat: 68 votes / 8.2%
6. Skater Ken: 63 votes / 7.6%
7. Akuma traditionally fashionable: 63 votes / 7.6%
8. Dhalsim half dress: 51 votes / 6.2%
9. The hip fighter Ryu: 48 votes / 5.8%
10. Sumo Star E. Honda: 43 votes / 5.2%
11. Muscle shirt trick: 29 votes / 3.5%
12. Blanka tank top: 14 votes / 1.7%

Total Votes: 826

The vote is closed

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