Meet Nigerian model Peter Ayomidimeji Joseph who shares his professional journey

Peter Ayomidimeji Joseph is a professional model, who declared his modeling career in 2019. In the modeling industry, he is known as TUSH_AYOMI. Ayomidimeji is a business student.

He is the first child of his parents with three (3) siblings, he is from Ekiti State, Ijero Local Government.
Going through many obstacles in life, he tends to never give up on his dreams.

In 2020, he was one of the contestants for “Face of Western Nigeria” where he became “Top Model and Mr macho”. Following this, he was given the chance to participate in “Mr Macho Nigeria”, he was able to place in the top 12 out of 60 contestants.
In 2021, he competed for “Mr&Miss Prestige Nigeria”, doing his best, he was crowned 1st runner-up, he then competed for “Mr&Miss Campus International” in the same year and he became the 2nd runner-up.
Was crowned with two crowns in the year 2021, his name was “King Tush”.

Tush has worked with various fashion designers, professional photographers, done many commercials, participated in fashion shows like Ibadan Bridal Fashion Weekend. And worked on concept like “Say no to drugs” “Say no to rape” “Say no to police brutality” etc.

Tush, who wants to stay still, is a barber, makeup artist, massage therapist, up-and-coming actor, and intends to learn hairdressing.

Currently, King Tush is one of the wonderful contestants of “Mr & Miss Real Estate 2022” who hopes to come out well and be a better version of himself both locally and internationally after the pageant.

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