LOTA’s Rajiv is India’s first CGI model

The Metaverse is poised to revolutionize the fashion industry as evolving design technologies allow creative freedom for all designers. Brands are taking on new challenges and expanding the reach of design into new avenues. Since the introduction of the “metaverse”, our digital identities have evolved while creating space for freedom of expression.

This allows brands to move away from rapid trend cycles that force them to constantly create clothes in order to stay relevant in the market. Designers can now build “hype” online without creating excessive waste with physical clothing; advance the cause of sustainability while influencing industry to adopt greener practices.

Developing in the same direction, fashion and apparel brand LOTA, rooted in enduring expressions, introduced India’s first CGI model –– Rajeev. Understanding the failings of the textile waste disposal system, Adhiraj Singh, 3D motion designer and visual artist, and Shradha Kochhar, knitwear designer and fiber artist collaborated to launch a recycled streetwear brand in 2018.

Image Courtesy: LOTA

In an effort to create visually arresting imagery during the heightened restrictions of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the duo decided to take an unconventional approach and turned to CGI for solutions; use technology to further reduce excessive waste generation and the burden of resources on the planet as well as the carbon footprint generated in photo shoot productions.

Fashion is an evolving landscape that shapes itself according to the times. LOTA presents a compelling picture of the fashion industry’s growth scope; especially for Indian brands in the future. They offer sustainable alternatives and create a whole tribe of sustainable CGI influencers; further setting the stage for more designers to follow.

Learn more about LOTA here.

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