Kartik Sharma Fashion Model Influencing The Fashion Industry With Her Neoteric Skills.


India has created a number of famous male models for the fashion world. they are not only doing well for themselves, but they have become role models for others. Kartik Sharma, a zealous 20-year-old model making strides in the fashion fraternity, talks about one of those famous temperaments. Originally from Delhi, he is a future fashion model nursing associate seeking a status award for ‘Model from India’.

Kartik has always been inclined to fashion and magnificence since his childhood, but he never thought that his ultimate passion and love for a distinctive style would sometimes turn him into the highest model in the land. Currently, he works with big brands for future shoots and works.

Devoting his life to the realm of style, Kartik believes in learning the challenges Janus has faced throughout his journey to be exceptional. His secret to being a motivated candidate is that he enjoys being very healthy mentally and physically.

Strength and weight training is part of his daily routine and it ennobles a lot of people to follow constantly. His work and dedication has earned him great appreciation across the country and has also enabled him to make a breakthrough in some prestigious fashion contests with adult men. & Miss. Asian Nation International Star 2021 & adult male. & Miss. UP’s High Model 2021-22. he is serious and dedicated about the work he will do.

Kartik is Associate in Nursing, an excellent under-training artist and a sympathetic Stromer.

Striving to be a huge back-to-back model showcasing extraordinary skill and talent, Purujit Singh, the founding father of Huge Comes signed him because the official model of massive come company and Kartik are currently going to present his face via d ‘huge come at future events. & Purujit Singh awaits Kartik’s triple crown career. Purujit Singh also mentioned that he can take care of him in person to guide him in fashion contests.

Overwhelmed by the opportunity, Kartik, while talking about his future, said: “I am capable of taking on any challenge, and I am not here just to win the title, but to become the center of Fashion Field and this day. -That’s not right now.

Posted on August 23, 2021

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