Interview with Selena Forrest, model and skateboarder



Independence is something Forrest has always mastered. Originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, his family was displaced by Hurricane Katrina, which forced them to move across the country. Even though she was too young to fully understand the change, the change had a lasting impact. “As a kid, I didn’t understand what was going on, but I honestly thought at the time that it was pretty fun,” says Forrest. Ironically enough, it was an act of teenage rebellion that got him noticed by a model scout; she was discovered while her friends were caught bringing alcohol to a public beach. Realizing her luck, Forrest hopes to use her fashion success to help those without the support system she did have. “I would like to create a foundation for teens who need outside support at home,” she says. “I was struggling with similar issues, but I had outside support from my uncles and aunts, but I know some people don’t have that. I know it helped me better understand the situation I was going through.

The balance between high school classes, a top-notch career, and plans for the future makes for a busy schedule, but Forrest always makes time for his outdoor passions like camping, fishing, and quad biking. . Like many It Girls in modeling, her skateboard is her primary form of transportation, even though she has had to cut back on her kick flips. “My brother started skateboarding and he could do all these tricks, I guess you could tell he inspired me,” she says. “I don’t do tricks and all because I’ve seen him break his ankle a few times, so I just love sailing!” Forrest might be a little more cautious, but the nonchalant demeanor of the skate scene informs its laid-back vibe. Even she can’t believe that she, a down-to-earth skate kid, made it this far. “It’s indescribable,” she said. “All I can think of is, ‘Wow, I never would have thought! “”

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