I miss African kitchens, says model Joseph Water


Model Babalola Otitoju Joseph, affectionately known as Joseph Water, has revealed what he misses most in Nigeria since leaving Africa’s largest nation for the United States of America.

In a media discussion with reporters, the much sought-after model, who once went by the nickname Joseph Walter, but has now changed her stage name to Joseph Water, did not say the house does not. had no substitute for the true meaning of while she remembered her childhood years in Nigeria.

“When I was little, I used to go to the beach in Nigeria because it was very close to my house but here it is not very close. Growing up in Nigeria and eating African food was very easy as the food was everywhere but here you will have to travel a few miles to get some African specialties.

“I miss my family too, especially my cousins. Having to wake up and not having them around is a whole different feeling. One thing that I have missed and adopted over the years is my African heritage. Many do not like it. It is embellished with great values ​​such as the sense of hospitality, good relations, the sacred and religion, the sacredness of life, respect for elders and authority, morality, language, proverbs. and time, etc. It’s not perfect but it’s colorful and beautiful, ”said Joseph Water.

While fame and fortune smile on celebrities, we often tend to forget how it all started, the inspiration and all that. But for Joseph Water, his mother would always have a special place in his heart for the role she played in bringing him to where she is today.

“The only person who really influenced me is my mom. I grew up with her and she always told me that education is the first thing and wherever I am I should always remember who I am. She always wanted to study first, so I’m still in school to graduate and at the same time I’m heading towards my dream of being a model, ”recalls Joseph Water.

Babalola Otitoju Joseph called on those with the ambition to venture into modeling to be themselves and to be original at all times, noting that “the most important thing you can do to become a model is to be yourself. Never change who you are inside or out to make someone else happy. Modeling can be a great way to gain self-confidence and can help you earn money alongside daily work. Never sacrifice yourself, your values, or your self-esteem to do so. These steps will lead you to be a successful and happy role model.

In addition to following his mother’s advice, Joseph Water sees Karl Lagerfeld as a role model in the dynamic world of modeling.

In his words, “Karl Lagerfeld becomes a master of fashion and excellent at sketching with a master at blending fashion and pop culture. Karl Lagerfeld says: “Don’t use expensive clothes as a screen for your personal doubts. Be proud of yourself and not just because you wear expensive, designer clothes. They’re great, but a lot of people are happy without them.

“My job is to bring out in people what they wouldn’t dare to do on their own. Don’t dress to kill, dress to survive. Like poetry, fashion says nothing. He simply suggests ”. This is my model. I always dreamed of working with him for a few days but unfortunately for me he passed away. So I was never able to work for him.

Regarding life in the diaspora, Joseph Water says, “Life in America is not as easy as people think, due to cultural change and diversity. You have to know what kind of person you are, where you are from, understand how things work. There are a lot of differences between my country and here and I just have to learn to be stable ”.

Speaking on what he didn’t leave behind, Joseph Water said: “The culture and the heritage and the spirit of never giving up that wherever we are we tend to adapt and to do better whatever the conditions. While modeling pays his bills, Joseph Water is still in school looking for knowledge to earn a degree.

Modeling, he says, gave him a rare opportunity to cross the globe, a great achievement considering the important people he came in contact with.

“I’ve been able to travel all over the world and meet prominent icons, fashion designers and photographers,” he explains, why highlighting modeling mileage has appealed to him in recent years. He has also worked with Walkfashionshow, Johncasablanca, Bndhouse, Afrimma, Krave Magazine and Slay Magazine among others.

Joseph Water took part in the EndSARS campaign which almost brought Nigeria to its knees as it formed a Nigerian diaspora group “and we formed a mini protest with the movement and then we also raised awareness on social media using the hashtag EndSARS “.

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