Fashion accessories 2022: the items you need in your wardrobe for the next year



As the new year is just around the corner, we’ve rounded up some of the must-have fashion accessories that will be in everyone’s wardrobe in 2022!

Statement Tights

Stay comfortable during the winter and stay in the trend has never been easier, with 2022 seeing the rise of trendy tights in thick materials and in bold colors and patterns, worn alone with a skirt, over socks or under ripped jeans. Glittering tights, or decorated with sequins or rhinestones, have also been very present on the catwalks lately, as have stockings with openwork patterns or imitation lace.

On-trend socks will be great too, so look for loud and fun designs with glitter, lint, and eye-catching patterns.

Seductive glasses

Designer luxury eyewear is going to be huge in the new year, with square retro eyewear, eco-friendly eyewear and timeless eyewear styles like Prada eyeglasses, already making their presence known in the fashion world and on the main street. Brightly colored frames are also starting to be on trend, with block frames in red, purple and blue set to be the stars of the season.

The must-have sunglasses style for next year is rectangular acetate frames in vibrant colors, such as bold reds and olive green, and crystal frame embellishments are also likely to be popular.

Fashion accessories 2022: the items you need in your wardrobe for the next year

Fabulous flowers

Floral designs will be one of the key fashion styles of 2022, which will be reflected in both clothing and accessories. Expect oversized floral brooches and intricate earrings that will soon bloom everywhere, with shiny enamels and precious metals being one of the hottest trends of the year.

Hair accessories are also likely to be dominated by floral designs, with minimalist and flamboyant barrettes, headbands and scarves predominating.

Fashion accessories 2022: the items you need in your wardrobe for the next year

Charm jewelry

If you don’t have one yet, a charm bracelet is a must have when it comes to the fashion accessories you need for 2022. These bracelets come in a huge range of styles and prices, from luxury gold bracelets to simple and inexpensive chains. Wearing a stack of charm bracelets is also likely to be increasingly popular.

Once you have chosen the bracelet, adorn it with charms that have special meaning for you, the more personal the better; for example, you can select charms that symbolize your hobbies or people in your life who are important to you.

Fashion accessories 2022: the items you need in your wardrobe for the next year

A night at the opera

Opera gloves are one of the most unexpected trends of the new year! Stay warm and trendy this winter by pulling on a pair of these elbow-length gloves. Choose your level of flamboyance by opting for a functional and minimalist pair of wool in gray or black or an extravagant pair of silk adorned with intricate embroidery and glittering details… or something in between.

Fashion accessories 2022: the items you need in your wardrobe for the next year

The rise of the logo

Logomania reached its last peak in the 1980s, when nothing was considered fashionable if it didn’t have its brand or designer name on it, and its time is about to return. ! Things are likely to be a bit more subtle this time around, though: look for understated designer labels on belts, handbags, necklaces, and even lip rings.

Handbag paradise

Nothing finishes a fabulously fashionable outfit like the perfect handbag, and in 2022 bags will be bigger and bolder than ever. Tote bags and extra-large tote bags began to dominate the catwalks, often in very bright colors or with faux fur.

Slouch style pouches will also be big in the New Year, in nude tones or with a ‘knitted’ texture, as will travel bags and messenger bags – all of these oversized options indicate a world eager to travel again afterwards. the restrictions of the pandemic.

Finally, a functional trend on the rise is that of handbags with exterior wallet compartments. While for security reasons it might not be a good idea to store your wallets in these pockets, other essentials, such as lipstick, tissues, and face masks, are made for them !

Fashion accessories 2022: the items you need in your wardrobe for the next year

Better foot forward

When it comes to shoes, this is probably an extreme case to the other. The two biggest 2022 trends in this department, there will be the ballerina and the imposing platform heel, with not much in between!

Ballet flats have been popular for years and are a cute way to improve the comfort of an outfit. The New Year will see the ballerina reimagined with a chunkier take on her once delicate style, and with plenty of embellishments, like bows, buckles and crossed straps.

Continuing the chunky chunky theme, platform shoes will be taller and taller than ever before and will likely be bright and shimmering in color with glitter or sequin decorations.


Fur hats in a range of styles have been a big hit on the catwalks recently, as has the beanie, often adorned with floral embellishments or in oversized styles. Wider-brimmed hats are also going to be huge, with fedoras and bowler hats dominating winter and oversized sun hats the summer go-to accessory.

The humble snood has also made a surprising resurgence in fashion, no doubt in part due to its triple use as a headgear, scarf and face mask. Go for a balaclava style or a simple knitted pattern in brown, yellow or red.

Fashion accessories 2022: the items you need in your wardrobe for the next year

Post-Covid Couture

The impact of the pandemic and the sense of optimism over the lifting of restrictions can be seen as an influence on many fashion trends expected to occur in 2022. From the joy of anticipating a journey reflected in the utilitarian design of bags, shoes and hats with the exuberance of accessories infused with sequins, our hopes for the future will be expressed clearly in the pieces that we will find in our wardrobes next year.

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