Exclusive: Victoria de Marichalar signs millionaire deal as fashion advertising icon

Victory of Marichalar, In convalescence with her mother, the Infanta Elena, and recovering from the operation of peritonitis which led her urgently to the operating room, more than a week ago, she is again in the news.

King Juan Carlos’ favorite granddaughter missed a few parades Madrid Fashion Week to which she was invited to occupy the place of honor in the front row, but health comes first and, on the other hand, when she left the hospital she did not feel very well, although at at home she is visited by her friends, who amuse her in her obligatory rest.

In October, this forced isolation will be compensated because, once restored, Victoria will return to her classes and her lively party life, but above all, to her first advertising icon job, with a full-fledged premiere.

The daughter of Jaime de Marichalar was hired by the fashion firm Hoss Intropy like its new campaign which will be released in a few weeks. Hoss Intropia belongs to a very powerful textile group, Tendam, which includes companies as well known as Cortefiel, Women Secret, Springfield, Pedro el Hierro, OOTO, a brand that has signed Andres Velencoso as your ambassador and slowlove, Among others.

The company is jealously guarding the details of Victoria’s contract, in terms of economic terms, but experts in the field believe that Victoria’s niece Philip VI, He made his debut in the world of advertising models for a very large amount.

It is not this Spanish firm that Jaime de Marichalar would have wanted for his daughter. The former Duke of Lugo would like Victoria to one day become the vuitton model, Dior or one of the Parisian luxury houses with which he collaborates. But it seems that the young woman is free when she chooses her public appearances, her travels, her boyfriends and her career as a influencer.

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