Deepa Sree is Hyderabad’s Beauty and Fashion Model


Who is Deepa Sree? Instagram influencer, Deepa Sree, is a popular name among young women looking for advice and inspiration for fashion and beauty advice. Hyderabad-born Deepa Sree uses social media to talk about fashion, makeup, beauty tips and more.

Deepa sree is an Indian fashion and beauty influencer known for her videos on Indo-Western fashion and beauty on social media platforms. She is also a fashion designer and stylist by profession. Through her affordable beauty tips, she has gained a huge fan base and worked with over 100 beauty and fashion brands like Nyka, Clovia, CashKaro, Kama Ayurveda, Voylla, etc.

On November 4, 1990, Deepa Sree was born in Hyderabad to JS Murthy, a famous astrologer, and Sundari Jonnalgadda, a professional psychologist. She is fluent in Telugu, Hindi, Marathi and English.

Deepa Sree also has a working knowledge of astrology and tarot card reading, which she learned from her father when she was 14. Hamstech.

She started to take an interest in fashion, vlogging on Instagram and other social networks and gained huge success. She hit the 64,000 Instagram follower mark in no time. Deepa Sree is a beauty and fashion guru and influencer who launched her makeup brand “Dee Beauty” in 2022.

Deepa Sree draws her energy and passion from networking and connecting with her fan base, either by creating engaging content on her various social media platforms with several types of content such as product reviews, product recommendations. , product promotions and product advertisements.

Deepa Sree bought her arenas of passion together and serves as a beauty and fashion expert. She set out to raise and nurture Deepa Sree as a fashion influencer who combines her background as a stylist and fashion expert to reach out and educate other women of similar minds about the way to balance.

Quotes from Deepa Sree

– I still feel the need for a greater representation of South India in the media world.

– I get my energy and my passion by connecting more people and getting involved

– I create content regularly and create more value for my subscribers.

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