Beats has teamed up with Kim Kardashian to turn wireless headphones into fashion accessories

Back in November, we called the Beats Fit Pro a perfect pair of wireless headphones, but that’s assuming the black, white, gray and lilac color options fit your idea of ​​perfection. Nearly 10 months later, Beats has teamed up with Kim Kardashian for three new Beats Fit Pro colorways, featuring much more subtle shades than the original range, designed to better blend with skin tone, outfit or style. user aesthetics.

Believe it or not, there was a time when headphone users didn’t really care what color their headphones were, and black was really the only option available to consumers. That all changed when the iPod arrived, bringing with it a pair of matching white headphones that quickly became a status symbol (as well as a target for thieves) that Apple carried over to its AirPods headphones.

Now that wireless headphones are designed to be worn all day, from workouts to work, they can be found in countless different colors, allowing users to express their individual styles, including Razer’s options that even put LED light shows in your ears. But for the most part these colorways are the opposite of subtle, with bright shades designed to draw the eye to the ear, turning users into walking billboards for the headphones they’re wearing.

The Beats x Kim Beats Fit Pro are available in new color options Moon (left), Dune (center) and Earth (right). (Picture: Beats)

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to Beats products. Our first look at the Beats Fit Pro in the wild actually came a month before its official reveal, when Kim was spotted wearing the lilac option late last year. But the reality TV star is now officially linked to the brand after working with the company to design three new color options for the Beats Fit Pro wireless headphones: Moon, Dune and Earth, which are described as “colors neutrals” and “versatile shades”. which are “designed as a statement accessory” so that “wearers can express their identity through color by creating monochromatic or contrasting looks”.

Strip away the marketing talk and what we get here are three new paint jobs on the earbuds that will potentially blend better when worn and are the antithesis of the bright, bold colors we typically see wireless earbuds in. When it comes to hardware and its functionality, nothing has changed since the release of the Beats Fit Pro last year.

The new Beats x Kim collection is available now on Apple’s website for US$200 ($278) and in physical Apple stores, as well as other Apple retailers like Amazon, in limited quantities.

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